In the midst of the worst recession in one hundred years, on the brink of the largest healthcare overhaul in U.S. History, with no capital in their pockets, and at a time when large corporations were buying up and commoditizing dental offices, two dentists, Jared Van Ittersum and Elias Achey, birthed Infinity Dental with an unwavering commitment to preserving the integrity of their profession.

Jared and Elias were young, ambitious, private-practicing dentists in 2008. Like many others in dentistry, they saw their industry taking a dangerous turn with large Dental Service Organization takeovers compromising the level of care and professionalism in practices across America. The two became partners and began purchasing and consolidating practices. This propelled them to develop strategies that allowed them to effectively maintain standards of excellence across their group of offices without compromising the unique characteristics of each individual office. Essentially, they began building their own DSO without turning each office into a cookie-cutter, franchise-style business. A healthy mix of successes and failures throughout this process led to the creation of the Infinity Dental business model as you see it today.

Brandi Molitor

Program and Group Practice Development Director for Infinity Dental, Total Health University, and Digital Dental University

Brandi's mission is to help people live their fullest and most authentic lives in order to have the greatest positive impact on the world. She does this through educating and leading others to see the world with a fresh and empowering perspective, which leads to making positive choices that impact the world for the better.

As a dental professional, Brandi is committed to transforming the dated and stifling leadership and dental office paradigm from culture-killing and fear-based, to one of thriving, purposeful, and fulfilling. This change is moving leadership from blame and confusion to that of collaboration, commitment, and most importantly, results.

Her diverse background in science, health and wellness, business, coaching, and leadership, makes her well-versed and dynamic in understanding the systems and processes for a healthy, thriving, and purpose-driven organization. Over the last several years, she's lead organizations from start-ups to multi-million dollar corporations. She has found her home with Infinity Dental because of their commitment to transforming the ordinary to the exceptional and making a true difference in the lives of people and the dental industry.

Brandi currently oversees all of Infinity Dental’s practices, along with the executive team, and co-collaborates on the development and implementation of Total Health University and Digital Dental University. As an award-winning coach, she has helped transform hundreds of lives by way of personal and business development. She has a proven track record of helping clients conquer financial goals (grossing in the millions of dollars), working with teams to double and triple company revenue in one year, motivating individuals to transform their relationships, run marathons, and shed hundreds of pounds, and bringing teams and communities together to raise tens of thousands of dollars and donate services for those in need.

Brandi inspires individuals and communities to take charge of their success and happiness with her get-down-to-the-heart-of-it, grounded, humorous, and compassionate style. She's been known to whip up wild concoctions of superfood smoothies, trail run in the woods, drink lots of green juice, and attend many Wilco concerts. She enjoys living in Grand Rapids, MI learning why everyone is so smitten with the mitten.

Myles Davis

Director of Finance for Infinity Dental

Myles Davis comes from a diverse background in the dental industry. His knowledge of the dental industry started at Davis and Davis CPA, an accounting firm that specialized in the dental industry, with over 250 dental practices. After attending Michigan State University with a degree in finance, he pursued a master’s degree in accounting with a specialization in tax. While working as an accountant and dental consultant for Doeren Mayhew (predecessor to Davis and Davis CPA), Myles was critical in the development and creation of a web-based dental information tracking system (DITS), which helps practitioners gain operational efficiencies, realize their business goals, and develop a blueprint to achieve those goals.

Myles has worked on a number of dental practice transitions, acquisitions, private equity roll ups, and corporate back office services. Currently, Myles oversees budgets, financial reporting, and assists in operational planning to reduce overhead and increase EBITDA.

Myles loves his home city of Detroit, MI, rock climbing, and spending time with his dog.

Missy Darwin

Accounts Receivable Director for Infinity Dental

Missy is responsible for taking care of all accounts receivable for Infinity Dental. She does it with a smile on her face, and treats everyone with dignity and respect. Missy has been working for Infinity Dental for 3 years. She loves working for Infinity because they believe integrity is the most important way to run a successful business. Missy lives in Norton Shores with her family. She enjoys golfing, concerts, and spending time with her family, and friends.